Our Process

Over the course of 15 years, Energy Aware has developed expertise, systems and processes specifically tailored to the construction and property sectors.

Our full turnkey service comprises detailed scope definition, design, installation and ongoing asset management.

Through a collaborative approach, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific energy, construction, sustainability and budgetary requirements.

The success of our project delivery methodology is reflected in the majority of our projects being repeat business.
Here's what you can expect:

Health & Safety

At Energy Aware, safety is paramount.

We maintain Quality Management systems and strict Occupational, Health and Safety standards to ensure the safety of our staff, contractors and clients.

Adhering to best-practice industry standards, our stringent policies, open communication and reporting systems facilitate continuous improvement.

Safety is ingrained in our project conception and design approach, ensuring construction feasibility and safe operation throughout the entirety of the project lifecycle.

We welcome external safety audits and actively involve our clients to ensure safety remains at the forefront throughout the build process.
Here's how we prioritise health and safety:

Our Values

At Energy Aware, our values serve as the foundation of our organisation and guide us in everything we do.

We abide by a client-focused, professional, trust based and collaborative set of principles, all of which revolve around sustainability. By embracing these values, we aim to provide outstanding solar solutions and make a meaningful difference.
Solar solutions with a purpose.

A reliable solar partner you can trust.

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